December 9, 2019

Mandatory Summer Math Enrichment for High School

Dear Parents, In efforts to encourage continued learning, and further develop mastery in various subject areas, we require students to complete a summer enrichment experience.  Two examples of such experiences have been the summer reading assignment  and summer math packets.  This year we have made a few improvements to these assignments to ensure that students […]

Mandatory Summer Reading for High School

Please see the attached Summer Reading list for High School  Summer Reading List, 2013 Click here for a PDF of the Odyssey Booklet Odyssey (10th Graders for the 2013.2014 School Year)

HS Exam Schedule

Exams are next week…make sure you are here and know where to report. Please click here for the Final Exam Schedule for June 2013 Have a safe, restful Summer!

Course Preference Forms for 2013.2014 School Year

Attached you will find all documents you need to submit your students course preferences for the 2013.2014 School Year. If you have any questions, please e-mail Miss Browne at: 9th COURSE PREFERENCE FORM 10th COURSE PREFERENCE FORM 11th COURSE PREFERENCE FORM 12th COURSE PREFERENCE FORM SEQUENCE OF COURSES Course Description Book 12-13