December 9, 2019

Mark Your Calendar: SCS Open House – 11/11/2012

Did you know …

  • An estimated 30% of Christian students depart from their faith once
  • they go to college.
  • 91% do not believe in absolute truth.
  • 96% do not believe that the Bible is without error.
  • 63% do not believe that Jesus is the Son of the one true God.
Source: McDowell 2003

Building a solid foundation of faith in our students requires deep biblical teaching, individual discipleship and personal application. Southfield Christian School believes that a quality Christian education is as important today as it was when we first started over 42 years ago.

Southfield Christian School will be hosting a “Discover Us” Open House on Sunday, November 11th from 3:00-4:30 p.m. This Open House is for parents and prospective students who want to investigate SCS for possible enrollment in the future.  Current families are encouraged to invite guest. Invitations and brochures are available in the admissions office. If you would like some sent home with your child, please contact Debbie Collins at 248.357.3660 ext. 258.