December 9, 2019

Spring Hill Comes to Southfield!


This summer, HPBC is partnering with SpringHill Camps to offer an exciting week long day camp experience for kids in our community.  SpringHill will be bringing their awesome activities and kid-friendly staff right here to our campus.

We highly recommend SpringHill Camps!  They are able to share the love of Christ in innovative, fun and relevant ways.  I’m confident that your kids will have a blast and at the same time grow deeper in their relationship with God.

We’d like for you to consider doing three things:

1)     Send your kids to the day camp program this summer at HPBC.  We believe that the Bible based, engaging, and fun activities can play an integral role in your child’s spiritual journey.

2)    Invite your unchurched friends and families.  This is a great way to reach the lost in our city and get them connected to our family. The teaching is presented in a way that makes it engaging and challenging for those outside the church as well.  If you are interested in helping spread the word to your friends and neighbors outside the church, please contact us for more information.  Additional copies of the included flyer will be available at the church and school offices.

3)    Volunteer your time to help make this camp happen.  We need additional volunteer help at different times throughout the week in order to make camp run smoothly.  Whether you can volunteer for a few hours or all day, you can play a role in making this camp happen.

Camp runs from 9:00am-4:00pm, August 12th – 16th and is open to all kids in kindergarten to 4th grade.

Registration, scholarship, and additional information can be found on the SpringHill websites (

For additional information, contact Brad McCarthy at or EJ Swanson at

Hope to see your kids here this summer!